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  • Artisan Bread
  • Great Tasting Cakes

Combining product innovation with customer preferences…

Emphasis on Healthy Bread Choices

Conner Bread

Conner Bread

All of Morningstar’s artisan breads are sugar free, preservative free and low in salt. Their flagship product is their Multigrain bread. A combination of rolled oats and 4 seed types (Poppy, Sunflower, Linseed and Sesame), are added to a base of sourdough and then slow baked to perfection to deliver a highly nutritious bread with a wholesome crunchy texture rich in Omega – 3 and Omega- 6 essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins.

Limited Edition Breads and Cakes

Speciality Bread

Speciality Bread

Throughout the year Morningstar offer limited ranges of breads and cakes appropriate to different seasons. These include Apple Crumble cake, Blueberry cake,Olive bread and Pumpkin rolls, Cheese bread etc. This demonstrates a clear desire to refresh their product line on an ongoing basis and offer something different and seasonal to their customers.

Special Dietary Requirements

Morningstar’s Spelt and Honey bread is in direct response to the dietary needs of a growing number of wheat intolerant individuals since these people have been able to include spelt- based foods in their diets. In addition, spelt contains significantly more protein, is higher in B complex vitamins and both simple and complex carbohydrate than wheat.

Toaster Friendly/Lunchbox Friendly

The development of the farmhouse loaf hi fibre pan was in direct response to housewives who wanted to have a healthy choice bread option for kids lunches that fitted equally as well into a lunchbox or toaster.